CASp Evaluation Process

1) Owner, tenant or their representative requests a survey and report of their facility. This can be requested as a proactive measure or as the result of a legal summons.

2) Mark Tudor is contracted to inspect the facility and provide a written report.

3) The owner / tenant will be asked to provide some contact and property information. This will assist in the survey and asks such questions as the age of property (year built), history of improvements and a description of the area to be surveyed.

4) A CASp from ADA Compliance Professionals, Inc. will conduct a thorough inspection of the site. This includes;
- Evaluate access to site (identify nearby transit stops) from the public way.
- Take photos of the facility from site entry to inspection area(s).
- Identify access barriers.
- Evaluate individual site components required for access (measurements and

5) A CASp Inspection Report is written that gives a detailed description of the survey. The facility will either be "CASp Inspected", which means the site has met all applicable construction related accessibility standards or "CASp Determination Pending" which means the site is pending a determination by the CASp of the site's accessible elements.

6) A summary of non-compliant elements is included in the report. The owner / tenant should provide a schedule for completion of corrections of non-compliant items to attach to the report. An attached plan is necessary to take advantage of the SB 1608 benefits (benefits are only available if the report is completed prior to a summons).

7) The owner / tenant can then request a "Certificate of Inspection" window sticker.

CASP #365
General Contractor License #508283