How to I manage the cost of becoming compliant?
Our job as your disability access consultant is not only to make you aware of the non-compliant items but also to advise you on cost effective ways to correct the problem. ADA Compliance Professionals uses our extensive construction background to recommend the most economical solution to each non-accessible feature.

Another consideration in any cost analysis is the determination of what is readily achievable barrier removal. Readily achievable means easily accomplishable and able to be carried out without much difficulty or expense. Businesses can use a number of factors, primarily financial, to determine their ability to make the necessary changes. All the changes also don't have to be done immediately and could be spread out over time.

There are also Federal incentives for barrier removal. These include the Disabled Tax Credit (Title 26, IRS, Section 44) and the Architectural and Transportation Barrier Removal Tax Deduction (Title 26, IRS, Section 190)

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