Why ADA access is Good for Business

- Size of the Market - Total disabled in the US is 57 million, 19% of the population.

- Hearing impaired 8 million 2.5% of the population
- Sight-impaired 8 million 2.5% of the population

- Mobility (trouble walking or climbing stairs) 31 million 10.5% of the population
- Mobility (wheelchair) 4 million 1.5% of the population
- Mobility (cane, crutches or walker) 12 million 4% of the population

Value of the Market
- Americans over 55 spend 50% of all vacation dollars in America
- By 2019 over Americans over 55 will represent 90 million people - 29% of the population
- Americans over 55 spends will spend over $100 billion on lodging alone by 2019.
- 50% of adults 65 and older have disabilities.



Accessibility Assessment

STEP 1: Our professional and insightful team will come to your locations for a complete evaluation

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Certified Reports

STEP 2: Our complete reports will give clear design guidance on what must be done to satisfy state regulations.

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Remediation Support

STEP 3: After the plan is done we are there from the selection of the right contractor to sign off on the final inspection.

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As Drive-By ADA Lawsuits evolve into Google Earth Lawsuits

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