The Most Commonly Litigated Items at Your Business

• No accessible space - missing or worn out striping.
• Placement of accessible parking stalls - have to walk behind parked cars.
• Size of the space & access aisle - length & width too small.
• Slope of the space & access aisle - not level (exceeds a 2% slope).
• Curb ramp in the access aisle.
• Signs - missing or wrong signs.

Accessible Route
• No path from the street or accessible parking.
• Walkway size & slopes - walkway is too narrow, running & cross slopes are too steep.
• Curb ramps - improperly built, missing truncated domes.
• Pedestrian ramps - improperly built, slopes too steep, missing railing extensions.
• Changes in floor levels - changes exceed ½".
• Signs - missing directional signs.

Entrance Doors
• Door landings - inadequate maneuvering room or not level (exceeds a 2% slope).
• Hardware - no lever handles.
• Threshold - exceeds ½" height.
• Opening force & speed - the door is too hard to open & closes too fast.
• Signs - missing signs on the inside & outside.

• Size of the restroom - not enough room inside the restroom.
• Toilet location - mounted the wrong distance from the wall.
• Grab bars - missing, wrong length or improperly mounted.
• Lavatories - wrong faucet, height or floor clearances.
• Accessories, mirrors - mounted at the wrong height or in the wrong place.
• Signs - missing signs & improperly mounted.

Accessible Route
• Aisle width - too narrow.
• Changes in floor levels - changes exceed ½".

Counters & Seating
• Counter Height - too high to accommodate customers.
• Lack of accessible seating.

Accessibility Assessment

STEP 1: Our professional and insightful team will come to your locations for a complete evaluation

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Certified Reports

STEP 2: Our complete reports will give clear design guidance on what must be done to satisfy state regulations.

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Remediation Support

STEP 3: After the plan is done we are there from the selection of the right contractor to sign off on the final inspection.

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