What You Should Expect From Your ADA Consultant

We take the protection of your property very seriously. To do the job properly, it takes a lot of time and attention to detail. When making a decision consider the experience of the person that you're using and the quality of the Survey and Report.

There are no Survey and Report standards in this industry. Because of this, some low priced or inexperienced consultants are conducting sloppy Inspections that produce inaccurate or incomplete Reports. Make sure you get what you pay for. Using the cheapest consultant now could end up costing you many times what you pay in a lawsuit.

Initial Consultation
You call us because we offer a solution to your problems. We take a very personal interest in your situation. We will ask a lot of questions and try to explain how the accessibility laws work, your obligation as a business or property owner and suggest a proper course of action. When we work together, your problems become our problems and we are not satisfied until a satisfactory, cost effective solution can be found.

Information that we collect in order to conduct a thorough Report

  • Contact information of whoever is requesting the Survey and Report.
  • Contact information if an attorney has been retained (report should be sent there).
  • Nature of the facility and nature of businesses in the facility (do the serve the public).
  • Name & address of the property.
  • Age of property (year built).
  • History of improvements.
  • A description of the area to be surveyed.
  • Identification of areas accessed by the public.
  • Copy of the summons and complaint (if in litigation).
Survey Details
  • Thorough inspection of the areas specified by the client.
  • Photographs of each non-compliant item.
  • Measurements and details of each non-compliant item.

Report Details

  • A permit search when it is required for the project.
  • Each site location has identifying photographs.
  • Field observations for each non-compliant item.
  • Applicable requirements with ADA & CBC references for each non-compliant item.
  • Additional analysis of each non-compliant component.
  • Recommendations using extensive construction experience for cost effective solutions.
  • Guidance in the priority of correcting each non-compliant item.

Additional Services Provided

  • Available for correction questions and strategies.
  • Review of the summons and settlement agreement (if in litigation).
  • Re-inspection when requested.
Accessibility Assessment

STEP 1: Our professional and insightful team will come to your locations for a complete evaluation

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Certified Reports

STEP 2: Our complete reports will give clear design guidance on what must be done to satisfy state regulations.

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Remediation Support

STEP 3: After the plan is done we are there from the selection of the right contractor to sign off on the final inspection.

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