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For SaaS market companies and software providers, digital accessibility has become critical to their success. It is simply impossible for any company wishing to do business with large, global corporations or public sector clients to not prioritize digital accessibility.
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SaaS and Software Providers
digital accessibility

If you’re trying to market your SaaS or software solution, it’s crucial to understand how accessibility standards have evolved because not focusing on removing accessible barriers and officially documenting that process can block your digital asset from becoming successful.

Your customers, whether using your application directly or integrating your product into their business, require full compliance to all digital accessibility standards… and if you cannot provide clear, professional documentation stating your level of accessibility, your business can simply not compete.

VPATs, ACRs & Accessibility Certification

Whether your target customer base is global corporations or the public sector, they will insist you provide a VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template) and an ACR (Accessibility Conformance Report).

We can get you accessible and prepared. When they ask, be ready to provide positive, accessible documentation. Don’t let accessibility barriers block the growth of your business.

VPAT accessibility is complicated and the requirements for RFPs and contracts can be tricky. ADACP is here to help.


Good to know:

VPAT: Voluntary Product Accessibility Template
ACR: Accessibility Conformance Report
WCAG: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
ICT: Information and Communications Technology
ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act
digital accessibility

A VPAT is as it sounds, a template for which a company documents compliance with accessibility requirements — as is outlined in both Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). A VPAT can cover product accessibility for e-learning, websites, mobile apps, remote access tools, documentation, software, or hardware. No matter what they are for, a VPAT will always fulfill the same basic purpose: to serve as a template to both evaluate and demonstrate that your product or service is up to requirements when it comes to being accessible for all.

Once completed, a VPAT will be used to create your ACR, which will state what accessibility standards your digital asset has to meet. This process is critical to organizations to evaluate and credibly prove their content is accessible.
Get ahead of any issues and get your Accessibility Conformance Review done quickly with expert advice & support.
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Accessibility Conformance Review
Accessibility solutions

Avoid ADA Lawsuits

Digital accessibility lawsuits are skyrocketing, forcing thousands of businesses to work toward becoming accessible. It is not a simple process, and it takes time. However, the longer a platform or software program is non-accessible, the more exposed it becomes for a lawsuit.

The best way to avoid such lawsuits is to get proactive and get your digital assets accessible. Too many companies hesitate to do so and get sued. Why not cut out the costly judgements and legal fees and get your digital products accessible?

Accessibility: smart business, ethical business

Organizations have realized the benefits of compliance and the consequences of non-compliance with the ADA guidelines. They are holding SaaS companies and software providers to high standards before considering purchasing or integrating their digital assets.
Removing barriers can not only save a company from costly penalties and time-consuming legal responses, but creates savings and profits as well.
Accessibility: smart business, ethical business
Accessibility solutions

When people with disabilities enjoy a seamless digital experience, a company’s reputation skyrockets. People with disabilities have over $200 billion in discretionary spending. They also influence the spending of their families and friends.

ADACP – Here To Help

With over a decade of experience, we are ready to deliver a hands-on approach to confirm that your company meets the required compliance for web accessibility. We will work hard to confirm that your website is compliant according to all required guidelines. Our Accessibility Team is composed of professional and skilled technicians who offer white glove support through the duration of the audit process. Although auditing digital products is complex, our quality of service is top-notch and our team does not rely solely on automated software scans because they are not enough to protect you from lawsuits or ensure your website gets sufficiently compliant.

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Document Your Financial Institution with a VPAT

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What our clients say about us

Jordan Friedlander
moduspersona Senior UX Designer
LinkedIn image

"ADACP is an absolutely amazing company, the quality of their work and the patience of their entire team is truly impressive! During our collaboration at SiliconExpert (a subsidiary of Arrow Electronics), they displayed remarkable professionalism in navigating miles of bureaucracy and red tape, keeping a positive attitude during the long process. Their team consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of digital accessibility requirements, making them an invaluable partner in working to ensure our application was inclusive and compliant. I would use them again for any accessibility solution in a heartbeat!"

Emily-Rose Barry
Branching Minds, VP of Product
LinkedIn image

"We contacted ADACP as part of our search for a third party to conduct our accessibility audit for a VPAT. ADACP stood out due to their excellent value proposition. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of expertise and guidance provided by ADACP during the diligence process, even before contract signing. It was evident from the outset that they were a team of dedicated experts aligned with their mission, mirroring my commitment to ours. The audit was prompt, and the resulting report was comprehensive and well-structured. Our software engineering team utilized the report to address flagged issues efficiently, with the assurance that ADACP is available for further assistance if required. Overall, our experience with ADACP has been highly positive, and I would enthusiastically recommend their expertise to anyone in my network."

Cynthia Wells
Muck Rack, LLC Associate Counsel
LinkedIn image

I reached out to ADACP as we were up against a tight timeline to complete our VPAT certification. David and his team accommodated our request for a meeting on very short notice and began the process of reviewing our website right away. Working with ADACP made all the difference in helping us to better understand digital accessibility standards and what we needed to do to improve on various aspects of our product's accessibility, including its user interface, interaction design, and compatibility with assistive technologies. The process didn't take more than a few weeks from start to finish. We are happy to be able to provide better service to our Customers.

Charlene Srivastava
Vocareum, Inc. VP, Business Operations
LinkedIn image

"ADACP's thorough understanding of ADA regulations and commitment to excellence has been instrumental in helping us provide an inclusive learning environment for all users. David and the team's responsiveness and streamlined process for remediation make the compliance journey easier. I highly endorse ADACP to any organization seeking reliable solutions for digital accessibility compliance."

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